ES File Explorer : In your android device, you have lots of different files and folders stored in your internal and external memory. Some of these files are of use and whereas some are not, and some are just occupying your memory space without any relevant work to do. The junk files of different apps are also using some of your space and of course the RAM space.

So, for managing these various task on your computer you have to get an app suitable for this kind of performance oriented task.

The ES file explorer is the best app in the android market for managing various files and programs on your Android device. This app has more additional features which must be useful for you with the main feature for managing files and programs. This app helps you to stop running app, share it with anyone. With this app uploading of photos, watching movies and managing your 3G connection is now very easy to do. So in this article I am going to show you how to get ES File explorer for Android.

ES File Explorer for Android – Everything You Need to Know:

There are many files and programs on your Android device which need to be managed to get a better performance on your device. The ES file explorer is a very useful app for managing files and it can also excess everything on your device and then share it.


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This app enables you to upload files, watch videos and can manage your 3G connection easily. The ES file clip board helps us to copy and cut files multiple times in your device storage, and there is also a search option which enables us to search any files on the device by keyword or category.

ES File Explorer app enables us to open and create a zip file easily, so that you can compress the files and save some precious space in your memory. This app also helps us to clear junk and unwanted files from your device making the device more convenient to work.

You can also hide some of the private or personal content on your phone so that your friends can’t access those files while using your phone.

ES File Explorer for Android – How to Download It?

ES File explorer is one of the most relevant apps in the android market for managing files and apps in your device. And for using its amazing features you have to download it, so below are the following steps for downloading this app.

  • ES File Explorer app is available on Google Play Store, you have to open the Play Store app and then search for ES file explorer and after that you can download this app.
  • You can also download the Apk file of this app from the link given below.
  • After visiting the link, you can click on the download option, to download this file. And from this Apk file, you can install the ES file explorer app.

ES File Explorer for Android – Key Features:

ES File Explorer is an efficient app for managing files and apps in your android device and the features of this app makes it more efficient in working. So the following are some of the key features of this app.

  • This app enables you to copy and paste files and folders multiple times through its powerful clip board.
  • With the help of this app, you can rename multiple files and folders by marking them.
  • A search option available in the app, which helps you to search any file by typing the keyword or category.
  • With the root explorer option in the app, you can change the properties of any folder.
  • This app enables you to open and create Zip files so that you can compress them and can save some space on your device.
  • With this app, you can create a password to protect any files or folder in your device so that no one except you can excess it.

ES file explorer is a smart app for managing your files and folders on your android device, there are some added features in this app which also helps you to do some other tasks. You can completely access your device, with this app and can able to share various files with others. And above I have shown the steps to download this app, so that you can enjoy it’s amazing features. If you have to add something regarding this article then comment below.